Fundamentals of Art – Part II

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This course is a fundamental breakthrough in curriculum design and is one of the most exciting courses to be developed in eLearning. There is no parallel to this course anywhere else today. The Fundamentals of Art is an interdisciplinary course that fuses together the basics of two-dimensional arts with computer science in a refreshing and insightful manner.

This exciting opportunity to exercise both sides of one’s brain couldn’t have come at a better time. Our game programming stream already brings together computer science with character development, animation, game design, music, sound integration, interactive graphics, and visualization techniques. This course is an amazing compliment to the game programming set of courses. The Fundamentals of Art is also a foundational course for students who wish to pursue 3D Printing as an area of interest. Additional courses in the 3D Printing stream build upon this course.

Students who are interested in architecture, modeling, arts, robotics, and product development and industrial design will benefit immensely by enrolling in this course. The course features a variety of techniques to allow students to learn freehand drawing starting with points and lines. It then progresses gradually to drawing symmetrical shapes and organic shapes. A variety of objects, patterns, designs, and landscape are all drawn. Coloring schemes, materials for coloring, and appreciation of coloring techniques are also covered. Each lesson is vast in its scope and includes several granular Topics. Tool-based art is taught using Adobe Photoshop. Programmatically generating art is also covered utilizing JavaScript and the Artist Studio from

This course will take an average of 30 hours to complete with 20 hours devoted to drawing and coloring techniques. There are several projects and hands-on exercises that will allow a student practice time and development of drawing techniques. This course is for students of all ages. Our initial response to the course has been nothing short of phenomenal from students of all age groups – 6 years to 18 years!


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  • Lessons 6
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  • Duration 30 hours
  • Skill level Intermediate
  • Language English
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