Corporate Background

Headquartered in Fremont, California, bitWise Academy is an exciting young venture-backed company dedicated to developing the next generation of AI-driven eLearning technology. The company specializes in adaptive and personalized eLearning experiences for students in schools and colleges.

The company’s mission is simple; to bring a progressive, integrated, and complete curriculum in emerging technology areas to complement all education levels. Foremost among this is its belief that applied computer science education should be a fundamental skill taught to all students across all grades and college degree programs, whether they are studying the sciences or liberal arts. The company believes that students should start their exposure to applied computer science early on and that computer science is not just about learning to code. Rather, interdisciplinary applied computer science can bring innovation to many fields. Whatever may be the ultimate field of study that a student decides to pursue, computing has a major role to play.

Its flagship product, bitWise, is an AI-driven adaptive eLearning platform that lets anyone learn applied computer science and emerging STEM technologies on their own time and pace. bitWise harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt to the student’s learning style, creating a unique and immersive learning experience that takes into account the individual student’s knowledge level, mastery of the subject, retention, and more. It is the world’s first eLearning platform to use chatbot avatars, in which students can engage on-demand to answer questions.


At present, bitWise offers interdisciplinary and progressive courses in applied computer science and emerging STEM technologies to students in grades K - 12 and colleges. Courses cover a wide range of emerging fields; game programming, space exploration, 3D printing, AP Computer Science, computer programming, the fundamentals of art, data science, and many more. In the bitWise courses, the basics of STEM, design, art, technology, and problem-solving are fused with computer science. There is a mapping to the US common core so that the courses offered by bitWise are structured to complement the existing school curriculum either at home or in a classroom setting. The bitWise AI-driven eLearning platform allows students to learn the courses in a self-paced manner.


The company is headed by G Venkat, a serial entrepreneur with a long history of founding and advising successful startups. He is a technologist, former rocket scientist who has worked under NASA and University research grants, tech industry speaker and author on a variety of topics ranging from IT to rocket propulsion.

Next steps

bitWise plans to continue to build upon its mission of bringing a progressive, integrated, and complete curriculum in emerging technology areas to complement all education levels, with an eye on the future multidisciplinary fields. Near-term plans call for courses in areas such as Game Programming, 3D Printing, Space Tech, Computer Science, Data Science, Robotics, and the like. The company will continue to help students discover their own interests and maximize their potential.

Press Kit

For any questions regarding bitWise, you may contact our PR and marketing department. We have been featured on Education Technology Insights magazine and a few other media and newspapers.
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