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A student in any grade can start learning on bitWise! There is no specific age limit, although we recommend a student turn six years of age. Kids as young as 1st grade have successfully completed our introductory courses. Every student learns at their own pace. As students participate in bitWise Academy and continue with their courses, we develop detailed analytics regarding a student's mastery of various concepts and adapt and personalize the learning process to maximize each student's learning potential.
Students sign in to their dashboard and see the courses that are provided under their subscription. They can resume a course from the specific Topic that they were at when they logged off. If several days or weeks have elapsed since the previous login, then based on AI algorithms, a student may be forced to undertake a recap of previous topics or review examples before being allowed to proceed forward. This depends completely on a particular student's retention ability, as determined by the AI algorithms.
bitWise prepares students for the technology trends of tomorrow. When students go through their grades and graduate high school, the interesting college degree programs all require multiple skills and exposure to various fields. These subjects are not covered in the traditional K - 12 education. The schools cover English, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, and other traditional subjects, and this has not changed in the past 3 to 4 decades. bitWise prepares students for emerging areas like game programming, robotics, 3D printing, space technology, biotech, and many other fields, which are all truly interdisciplinary and require exposure to a variety of concepts. bitWise also fosters strong critical thinking, exposure to an integrated, interdisciplinary, and applied STEAM education, and problem-solving abilities.
Yes, bitWise teaches computer programming. The focus is not on coding for the sake of coding. We focus on integrated micro-degree programs that weave applied computer science and programming as a foundational skill. So, yes, students learn computer programming. Programming is applied to a variety of emerging technology areas, and students are prepared to enter degree programs in a variety of interdisciplinary fields.
We teach programming in an applied manner. Computer Science is blended with the various subjects that students learn at school anyway. There is a lot of emphasis on interdisciplinary education. Students can get certifications in several emerging technology areas.
We introduce a student to a variety of programming languages and computer science concepts in a progressive and structured manner. Elementary students or beginners could utilize the Scratch programming language. Others could learn JavaScript or Python. Middle school and high school students could learn Java. We encourage students to explore a variety of interdisciplinary courses, and each course could introduce a student to a particular programming language and tools depending on the nature of the course.
When students are young, especially in elementary school, they are not comfortable with typing quickly and debugging code. We focus on developing algorithmic thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Scratch provides a block-based drag and drops approach to writing computer programs, and it is a good fit for younger students until they become comfortable with typing. We have developed some unique curriculum using the Scratch language, and our courses teach game programming, space technology, and other interesting interdisciplinary and emerging technology areas while leveraging the Scratch language for elementary school students. Many middle school students also find it easier and non-threatening to use Scratch.
Our basic introductory courses teach computer programming with a focus on applied computer science. All our examples have been developed after a lot of research and teaching hundreds of students in person. As far as computer science concepts are concerned, we cover a variety of areas such as algorithms, loops and conditional logic, user input, graphics and animation, sound, operators, controls, drawing, and many more. We even teach music theory and how to programmatically compose the Happy Birthday song, among other things.
The bitWise System is a unique system that was developed to teach applied computer science concepts in an interdisciplinary manner to anyone, even students as young as six years old. Our students range from first grade to Grade 12 and beyond. Leveraging artificial intelligence and our advanced research, the bitWise platform adapts and personalized learning for each student and thereby maximizes the learning potential of each student. bitWise sparks the love of learning in each student and allows students to explore and identify the emerging technology fields of tomorrow and even determine the strengths and areas for improvement in traditional subject areas.
Yes, bitWise makes it very easy for students of any age to get started. bitWise does not force videos on students. All our content is very interactive, immersive, entertaining, and engaging. All lessons are hands-on and led by Chatbot avatars. The bitWise platform provides various types of support to help even young students discover the emerging technology areas and learn applied to computer science. bitWise offers self-paced courses with assessments and gamification so that students can progress at their own comfort level. We have never had a single student complain that they are lost or do not know what to do. We have received tremendous feedback and testimonials from parents that the bitWise platform and courses have helped their students advance really well in computer science and emerging technologies.
Students can use bitWise to gain an introduction to computer science and programming. They can select one or more emerging areas and continue to take courses in a progressive manner, based on their interests. Students can reinforce their understanding of many concepts in Math, Science, and other STEM-related areas. Students gain a tremendous amount of experience and confidence in undertaking the interdisciplinary approach to learning developed by bitWise.
Yes, bitWise is an online platform that is available to anyone in Grades K - 12. Many of the high school-related courses may also be of interest to college students who have decided to pursue degree programs in emerging technology areas but need to bridge their gap and understanding. Anyone who would like to take computer programming courses would also benefit from our applied computer programming courses.
We have launched 28 courses and will be adding additional courses later this year. The courses are spread across 9 tracks with each track representing an emerging STEM field. There are multiple courses in each track and some fundamental courses may belong to more than one track. A subscription provides access to all online courses.
The subscription is annual, and for a price of $150, a student can access all the courses under the subscription for an entire year. Some courses have another course as a prerequisite, and students must progress through the lessons to access the advanced lessons. The eLearning platform tracks all such prerequisites. Students can accelerate through content they feel they already know from before and can "Mark Complete" such Topics and go to the next Topic. They can then go take the assessment for that Lesson, and if they score the minimum required, they can go on to the next Lesson. In such a way, students can go through a prerequisite if they feel they are already fine taking an advanced course.
Our platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to track various parameters about a student. This allows us to personalize and adapt the learning for each individual student. Parents can log in with their account information and get detailed analytics and reports, including which concepts a student is mastering, where they are spending time, and much more. We are continuously adding deep insights into how a student is learning. This will be possible only if each student has their own account and logins in from their account and accesses the materials. We obviously cannot prevent anyone from having two siblings login with the same id and password. But no two students are the same, and their likes, learning styles, retention ability, capabilities, interests, etc. are all unique. Our platform aims to make learning fun for students and develop a love for learning itself. We would also like students to discover what fields they like. We offer courses that will complement their traditional school subjects. With an eye on the future multidisciplinary fields like Gaming, 3D Printing, Space Tech, Robotics, etc. we are helping students discover their own interests and maximize their potential!
Our courses are not merely videos that a student will watch. Our courses are immersive, hands-on, and involve computer programming with appropriate tools and languages that we introduce based on the context of the course. An iPad or mobile device will not suffice for this experience. Any PC or Mac will do. All you need is a browser such as Chrome or Safari, and the entire learning experience is delivered within the browser itself on any PC or Mac.
All our courses provide interactive, immersive experiences using HTML5 and should work if the browser is compliant with HTML5 interactions.

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