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bitWise Academy for Schools

Helping Teachers and Students in K-12

bitWise Academy’s online programs are designed to help students build and
elevate their interest in STEM, while helping reduce the load on teachers

bitWise Academy’s online education platform provides students access to interactive STEM enrichment courses, Homework Helper tools (solvers and simulations), and the Instant Quiz Engine (IQ Engine) for academic assessments. Homework Helper tools help students bring problems to life as they tackle their homework assignments in STEM subjects. The Quiz Engine helps students prepare for tests, quizzes, and exams in STEM courses based on Common Core, NGSS, and the AP curriculum. bitWise Academy’s Knowledge Concept Graphs (KCGs) are uniquely suited to determine strengths and weaknesses of every student at a topic level within each course. This AI-generated visual feedback provides evidence of concept mastery and is valuable in determining which topics students have difficulty mastering. Students use the KCG to focus on topics that need greater attention as they prepare for a test or exam. Teachers will identify concept mastery at a glance.


bitWise Academy provides students access to review material for all high school STEM subjects for supplemental study outside of school. The material includes hundreds of practice problems with solutions for all STEM subjects at the Regular, Honors, and AP levels. Study materials and practice problems are available for:

  • Math: (Honors) Algebra 1 & 2, (Honors) Geometry, (AP) Precalculus, AP Calculus AB & BC
  • Physics: (Honors) Physics, AP Physics 1 & 2, AP Physics C
  • Chemistry: (Honors) Chemistry, AP Chemistry
  • Biology: (Honors) Biology, AP Biology
  • Computer Science: Intro to Java, Intro to Python, AP Computer Science
  • SAT: Full-length practice tests and hundreds of practice problems

Students prepare for their SAT with several full-length practice tests and over 1500 practice problems catering to the new digital, adaptive SAT format.

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bitWise Academy’s interactive eLearning courses enable students to explore a wide range of STEM topics including 3D-Printing, Website Design, Space Exploration, Fundamentals of Art, Drone Programming, Coding, Game Design, and Biotechnology to name a few. Courses are self-paced and assess students in a manner that sustains their interest. Courses are grouped into tracks and students gain knowledge while exploring new areas.


With the goal of preparing students for corporate internships and exposing them to recent trends in emerging technologies, bitWise Academy has created Specializations. Each Specialization is a collection of courses to educate students on areas in STEM that will play a significant role in jobs of the future. Students receive certificates for successfully completing each course followed by an exam. Specializations offered:

  • Demystifying ChatGPT
  • AI & Data Science Jumpstart
  • Supercharging Generative AI
  • Mastering Cloud Security
  • Practical Python & Go Programming
  • IoT Unplugged
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Benefits to teachers and schools

bitWise Academy has developed the EDU platform to work with schools. The platform can be configured to host virtual classrooms, each accommodating multiple students and one or more faculty. Classrooms are assigned one or more courses, and student progress is monitored from the faculty dashboard.

bitWise supplements every teacher’s dedicated efforts by:

  1. Minimizing their load of assessing and measuring concept mastery at a topic level in any STEM subject with the help of AI-generated Knowledge Concept Graphs (KCGs)
  2. Allowing teachers to use the IQ Engine as a tool for carrying out assessments and assigning homework that can be evaluated at scale. Teachers may provide their own assessments/assignments in lieu of the ones provided by bitWise Academy
  3. Directing students to use Homework Helper tools to complete homework productively
  4. Having them benefit from the ability of bitWise’s patented AI algorithms to maximize the learning potential of every student using alternate learning paths and retention models

Schools and the district as a whole would experience measurable improved outcomes for students, increased baseline scores, and improved CAP scores.

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Benefits to students and parents

bitWise Academy’s online programs help students by:

  1. Providing Homework Helper tools that allow students to complete homework more productively
  2. Allowing self-assessment using the IQ Engine in preparation for tests or exams
  3. Identifying strengths and areas needing more attention at a topic level in any of the STEM subjects

Based on the school’s and teacher’s discretion, parents would be allowed to view their child’s progress while being made aware of which areas they need more help using KCGs.

Piloting in Schools

bitWise Academy’s EDU platform is an online infrastructure that emulates classrooms with faculty and students. We are ready to run a free pilot at any school so a controlled group of teachers and students can evaluate the platform’s academic and enrichment content; Homework Help and Assessment tools; and Reports generated by patented AI-algorithms.

Schools, and the district as a whole, would experience measurable improved outcomes for students, increased baseline scores, and improved CAP scores.

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