bitwise IQ Engine 1

On-demand testing platform with 100,000+ questions and explanations in Honors & AP subjects

IQ EngineTM for Improving Test Scores

Learning fundamental concepts in math, physics, chemistry, and biology is the foundation of our Common Core, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) classroom curriculum. Students need sufficient practice to master the various skills to achieve competency in a particular subject.

The bitwise Academy Instant QuizTM engine platform, also known as the IQ EngineTM allows students to test their knowledge, mastery, and level of retention in math, physics, chemistry, and biology. This on-demand practice and testing platform provides access to thousands of assessments and tens of thousands of questions spanning common core, honors classes and AP subjects.

In addition to tens of thousands of questions for every subject, student also have access to curated videos and examples for reference if they wish to review material before attempting practice problems and tests. Detailed explanations and solutions are also provided for most of the practice questions.

In addition to US education standards, IQ EngineTM also supports global education standards. Optionally, based on their own interests, students can additionally test themselves against a wider breadth of benchmarks to truly master advanced concepts and in some subjects, even college-level concepts.

IQ EngineTM supports a comprehensive honors and AP curriculum, provides real-time feedback, detailed insights and analytics, curated study material, and a personalized learning path to ensure that students are highly successful and helps maximize the learning potential of every individual student. Whether you are currently taking honors and AP classes in school, you want to accelerate and get a jump start, you want to brush up your rusty knowledge in math and science, or simply want extra practice, the bitWise IQ EngineTM will meet and exceed your expectations!