AP Computer Science A – Part III

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There is a strong growth of jobs associated with the STEM fields and more than half of them require a knowledge of computer sciences. It is projected that there will be 4.4 million computing-related jobs by 2024. Yet a large majority of K-12 schools still don’t offer structured computer-programming classes. Only 20% of AP Computer Science students are girls. The vast majority of students are left to fend for themselves if they wish to take AP Computer Science as a majority of high schools do not offer this course. Students who pursue STEM and computer science in high school and college are at a huge advantage when it comes to career prospects after college.. This course will provide the necessary impetus and background for students to take the AP Computer Science A exam with confidence. Even otherwise, the preparation and exposure to a wide variety of CS topics will provide the necessary background for students to pursue computer science in college.
Computer Science A emphasizes object-oriented programming methodology with an emphasis on problem-solving and algorithm development and is meant to be the equivalent of a first-semester course in computer science. It also includes the study of data structures and abstraction. In addition, AP Computer Science is a course designed to enhance students’ logical problem-solving abilities. The AP Computer Science A exam tests students on their knowledge of Java. Not only does it increase student understanding of the Java language, but it also builds analytical skills that are valuable in the field of computer science.
This course is the third of four courses that will prepare students thoroughly for the AP Computer Science A exam and beyond. It introduces a student to computer science in a delightful manner and also teaches Java and object-oriented programming concepts. Many other basic topics are covered to provide a strong foundation to tackle the more advanced APCS A topics in subsequent courses. There are plenty of assessments, mock exam questions, strategies to answer questions, and common pitfalls and how to avoid them. The entire AP Computer Science A set of four courses will take at least an entire year to study and master. This is an incredibly useful and important course that could have the biggest impact on a student’s future career.


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