AI with Raspberry Pi

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The multidisciplinary combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) can lead to several interesting business applications. Raspberry Pi has emerged as a great platform for hobbyists and serious developers and anyone in between. It is also the perfect platform for middle and high school students to explore IoT, machine learning, AI, and image processing. Its low cost, small form factor, and low power usage and the availability of several well-documented projects, make it ideal for students to create interesting projects. From automated video analytics to smart surveillance models, AI algorithms can be run on the Raspberry Pi, which is now an excellent application platform for many vertical industries. This AI with Raspberry Pi course will help students who are already exposed to Raspberry Pi, learn how this platform provides an excellent catalyst for leveraging artificial intelligence services to build dynamic applications. The Raspberry Pi single-board mini-computer has completely revolutionized the software development space. With a pre-installed Linux-based OS called NOOBS, Pi is poised to accelerate the development of the following applications-
a) Video streaming and video analytics
b) Smart Surveillance models
c) Retro Gaming machines and more


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