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Online [Virtual Camp]
Grades: 2 to 8

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Students have a range of courses
to choose from each week

Self Paced

Self-paced Courses

Structured learning in a
self-paced setting

Camp Fee - $99 / week

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Self Paced

Instructor-led Camp

Expert guidance for a
successful camp

Camp Fee - $199 / week

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5-day camps
New camp each week

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The collection of STEAM courses provides students opportunity to
learn, create, and explore in a supportive & inspiring environment

alt text

Game Design

[Tutor-led & Self-paced]

Interactive Game Design
course material will teach
students basic principles

alt text

Space Exploration


Embark on an awe-inspiring
journey through the wonders
of space

alt text

Web Design


Students will quickly be
creating web pages
using a web editor

alt text

Fundamentals of Art


Students learn to love art
using techniques the camp
exposes them to

alt text

3D Printing


Delve into the fascinating
realm of 3D printing and

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